The Chakras

By Jessica Bellofatto | July 2017

I was recently in a debate with someone on facebook of all places about the hot-button issue of vaccinations…. I wont go into details here, but the angry person I was debating with told me, in the most snide way, to ‘go align my chakras.’ He was making fun of me as a yoga teacher for sure, and for my belief in the esoteric and subtle aspects of this practice, but I was not at all offended. His comment also made me realize that the chakras are at least on the radar of many, even those who do not know much about yoga (or anything else for that matter 🙂

As I dive ever deeper into this practice that has intrigued me, supported me, nourished me, and been my livelihood for the past 24 years of my life (more than half my life), I find that little by little, step by step, certain ideas, and practices unveil themselves over time. The chakras were always something I knew about- I studied them, knew the english name and Sanskrit equivalent, the colors, and bija mantras (seed sounds) that corresponded to each one, the location in the body, etc.. but it stopped there. It has only been perhaps the past year that I feel I have gotten to really know each chakra, where I am stuck and why, how to get un-stuck. Anodea Judith, who is a leading authority on the integration of chakras and therapeutic issues and has written several books on the subject, describes the body as a vehicle of consciousness and the chakras as the wheels of life that carry this vehicle about- through its trials, tribulations, and transformations. To study and begin to understand the chakras is to have a kind of owner’s manual and to become empowered to take responsibility for our own healing- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Summer can be a time for discovery, a time for transformation. It is a time when many of us (unless perhaps you live and work in the Hamptons or another seasonal community!!!)- have some free time to break out of old habits and patterns and discover a new way of being in the world. It can be an opportunity for growth, for release, for a deeper connection to Self and others as we spend more time outdoors, barefoot, on the water or in the woods, waking up earlier to meditate, spending more time practicing yoga, etc. As we enter this last month of summer, I invite you to explore the chakras with us at JBYoga. We will teach sequences and practices that move energy, release stagnation, wake up these vortexes of energy so that energy can flow optimally through the body in such a way as to facilitate a journey from separateness to Wholeness, dis-ease to ease, happiness, and bliss, which is your birthright and your true Nature.

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