Yoga Classes for Everyone

At JBYoga Studio we offer classes for every level of student. Below are our most commonly scheduled classes. Click here for prices and our frequently asked questions for the neophyte. Regular students familiar with our previously named Open Level classes are encouraged to try both our new Level 1/2 or 2/3 classes to discover in which they feel most comfortable practicing.

Just Be Fluid

Level 1-2: Our signature flow class, weaving breath, intelligent sequencing building to an apex pose, safe and clear alignment instruction, relevant music, yogic philosophy, mantra and meditation will take you on a magic carpet ride straight to bliss. Take this level 1-2 class if you want a slightly slower paced class with not so many advanced variations.

Level 2-3: Same as our level 1-2, but expect more flow, advanced variations, and a sweaty good time!

Just Be Grounded

For those of you new to yoga, or wanting a firm understanding of the intricacies of each posture. Little to no flow, lots of clear instruction, you will learn correct alignment for each asana (posture) and then be able to eventually (if you so choose) take your knowledge into a Fluid Class… Like studying classical painting before becoming Picasso  🙂

Just Be Strong

Our yoga for athletes class designed to support all of your athletic endeavors, from golf to running to surfing or paddleboarding.

Just Be Restored

A traditional restorative class taught in the Iyengar tradition.  Longer held poses and the use of ample props to support the body, along with guided imagery and essential oils, you will be taken from a state of activation to a state of de-activation.

Just Be Still

The practice of meditation leads you deep inside yourself.

Kundalini Yoga

In each Kundalini Yoga class you will experience kriyas—specifically designed body-breath movements that stimulate your glandular and nervous systems, mantra—a healing sacred sound current that when chanted, positively alters the functioning of your brain, and meditation—a systematic way to control and direct the flow of thoughts. Kundalini yoga is for everyone—there is no previous yoga experience required to take a class.

Katonah Yoga

Katonah Yoga has been developed by Nevine Michaan and her teachers over the last thirty years. It is both spiritually refined and eminently practical. By synthesizing classical Taoist Chinese theory, traditional Hatha yoga postures and meditation, it provides a clear yet powerful understanding of the mechanics of the body while encouraging increased awareness of the self. The essence of all Hatha practice is the postures (asanas). Once the basic posture is achieved, the form of the posture can then be deepened through study and through the work of the breath. The synthesis of Taoist and classical Yogic thought produces a poetry of interpretation which is unique to Katonah Yoga.

On The Water

Get on the water this season and SUP with JBYoga Studio! We know you want to! 🙂 We have a myriad of offerings on the stand up paddleboard, including lessons for the complete beginner, SUP tours, SUP yoga classes, full moon and sunset paddles, and one-on-one private instruction. Click here to learn more about our SUP classes in the Hamptons.